Downsizing by Design

Home Downsizing Made Easy

For - Empty Nesters/Baby Boomers/Seniors


Charles Levy –“After living in the same house for 48 years and raising a family of three children, my wife and I decided to move to a Seniors’ Retirement Complex. The enormity of downsizing to move from a four bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment would have been too overwhelming to contemplate, had it not been for the firm but gentle guidance we received from Charlotte. The amount of ‘stuff’ which we considered indispensable would have crowded us out of our little apartment if we had not been guided by her expertise and adamantly yet sympathetically been persuaded to discard. Not only did she advise us what to get rid of but where to dispose of it. Trust me, downsizing is not anything as easy as it might seem and without competent advice it can be a disaster….with Charlotte’s help, it’s a breeze!"

(Retired Information Services Manager) Kanata On

Patricia W (Ottawa) –“Last year, my 86 year old father decided that it was time to sell the family home. We had moved into that house 25 years ago, so you can imagine the amount of stuff that we had accumulated! The real estate agent suggested that he work with Charlotte Kelly. She examined the house and formulated a plan of attack. Before the house was put up for sale, she arranged to have carpets lifted and hardwood floor re-finished, rooms painted, books sorted and removed, the basement renovated... the list of trades people she had access to was tremendous! We identified a need and she had a name who could step in to help. She worked patiently with my Dad and myself, sending me reminders of the most important activities each weekend to keep us on track to meet the timeline.

Once the house was sold, she stepped in to help us get rid of the stuff that would not fit in my Dad’s two-bedroom apartment. Some furniture went to help settle new immigrants, some to antique dealers, old appliances were removed along with truckloads of other materials. Charlotte continued to support us, helping us pack. She even visited the new apartment and helped choose paint for the walls and how to position the furniture and paintings my Dad wanted to keep.

Moving my Dad into the apartment took a phenomenal amount of work. I cannot imagine how we could have possibly got it done while working and looking after our own families. Charlotte provided tireless advice and guidance, as well as physical help packing and moving some items. Her unflagging energy got us through the sale and move as painlessly as possible. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone facing similar challenges."